Flashing gear indicator and 1 wrench symbol Sign in to follow this . Oil was changed just before I bought it. Hi, I have a Smart 451, 59 plate. Does your brake fluid look good? A forum community dedicated to all Smart Car owners and enthusiasts. My 2008 Smart is showing two wrenches indicating that maintenance is due. Thank you, I had the same problem on my 2012 and your steps cured it! When it comes on in the morning, the powerlight flashes multi colors and the wrench light is flashing and power light is red. It has 29,200 mil. So, what are the actual symptoms and what are the problems with the car? First problem in seven months so wondering if anyone else has had this. I have to do this every morning? This update is only available to smart. And does it blink first, then stay on steady? I called the nearest dealer and was told that since I had not had it serviced in a year that the wrenches indicate service is due. Adjustable Oil Filter Pliers by Lisle®. I bought the car used with 26,200 miles. Is there any way to know WHAT service I'm being alerted to do? The D is flashing on my smart car what does this mean? The flashing gear indicator is plain to see, the spanners aren't so easy to see in the video but take it from me, 1 of them is flashing. Oil was changed just before I bought it. Mechanic's Assistant: Just to clarify, can you tell me which light it is? Lisle® Adjustable Oil Filter Pliers. When the Wrench (insert wrench symbol) is blinking this can be indicative of a few different issues that will prevent the controller for being effectively able to monitor the weather. I don't have service records on the car. It’s a smart car. I have tried that after having had my car serviced and inspected at a local garage. ... hello I have a 2013 pure smart car with 3,700 miles on it a flashing wrench pops up and shuts off after a minute or so. Most Smart Car vehicles are equipped with an electronic computer system linked to the dashboard, that tells drivers when the engine needs to be serviced. I bought the car used with 26,200 miles. It seems to drive okay. Posted by Anonymous on Jan 21, 2014. Turn on the key, hold the brake and shift to al the gear locations (in auto) waiting a bit between each change. I have no idea which ones it was that this applies to. http://www.evilution.co.uk/index.php?id=458, http://evilution.co.uk/index.php?page=modpage&id=128&men=servicing, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. At 2 years/20k miles the brake fluid should have been changed. the wrench flashes to a bigger wrench. Two things: 1 The A in the gear indicator section is flashing (not noticed this before). I have a ux60 smartboard projector. A forum community dedicated to all Smart Car owners and enthusiasts. Press and hold the TRIP button again and switch the ignition to ON position. 2012. Investing in the right oil change tool is crucial to properly maintain your vehicle and ensure its efficient operation. I DO have a flashing wrench. It still shows the double wrench with one wrench blinking. I have a 2012 smart for two passion with 146k miles on it. The car will have been first powered up/commissioned/battery connected in dec10/jan11 in my opinion, so in theory it's not due 'til march, but I'd still have it done now especially due the low miles and it being a diesel The single spanner is sign that the car is ready for it's "A" service from your dealer. If you search for 'flashing spanner' on here it'll give you a few previous discussions. I had a little problem in a parking lot since it would not go into gear but it did not last long and only happened once (so far?). The car only has 16750 miles. Yes, I did forget the cabin filter and air filter change intervals. You can download the manuals here which might help. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 0 # 3271255105. The car needs a gearbox software update. Hi John, The car is a 57 plate 451 cabrio I had the car recovered to the dealership I work at (Suzuki so our diag equipment is no good for the smart), had a quick peak in the engine but as it had taken 6 hours to get recovered to my work my wife wasn't hanging about for me at 1am lol, im going to get my technician to put it on the ramp in the morning to check the clutch actuator inside for damage. I think at 60k miles the valve clearance should be checked. My better half was out shopping yesterday and when she restarted the car she got a continuous flashing little spanner and gear selection indicator. At 4 years/40k miles the coolant should be changed, and again with the brake fluid for the second time. Turn key to position 1 Press left tab twice,(wrench should appear) hold Turn key off. I couldn't say how the dealer can reset it if the button methd doesn't work. A is every other year/mileage interval starting at 10k, B is also every other year/mileage interval but starting at 20k. Car seems fine. I don't have service records on the car. 7. 2009 Pure. 3,000 miles. ), it only comes on once the car is warn and has been driving for a while. Any suggestions? Smart car maintenance in Campbell, CA is crucial if you want to keep your vehicle in top shape for as long as possible, but it can be easy to forget when it’s time to get smart car repair services.Sticking to a schedule can be helpful, and your smart car comes with a built in indicator to help you do exactly that. just about everyone gave it a try, with instructions in hand. Flashing gear indicator and 1 wrench symbol Started by smart142, October 26, 2017. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. If the D is blinking, you probably need to do a transmission teach. The d is flashing. JavaScript is disabled. If the previous steps don’t resolve the issue or if the issue occurs more than once, put the projector into Standby mode, disconnect the power cable, and then contact your authorized SMART reseller. Get it serviced - low miles or not is my advice. Ideas? Took a few days to speak to someone in service and they assured me the wrench was a service reminder coming up one year after the build date. 3,000 miles. I have the flashing wrench on my dash, with a "-11" on the display. … Driving along straight road at 60 and all of a sudden the D7 symbol changes to flashing spanner. Around 3 years it gets dark in my experience with Mercedes at least. The car came in with the spanners AND the gear number flashing but the owner thought it just needed a service. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. At 30k miles the spark plugs should be changed if I recall correctly. when I unplugg all cords from smartboard it works. - Smart fortwo question ... 2009 Smart Fortwo, wrench light came on dash. car won't shift properly, gives flashing D,P,N. Show items: 30; 60; 90; Sort by. With the key sitting in the ignition but NOT on (not even accessories...the key is in in there but literally just about to fall out) push and hold the wrench button. We did see one car that we couldn't get to reset at our Fall Rally. What does it mean? Smart Car Oil Filter Wrench & Pliers. The number is the number of days (approximately) til the service should be done. It has 29,200 mil. Our 2010 smart car D is flashing while driving, should we have it towed or is it a maintenance issue we should make - Answered by a verified Mercedes Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. plus check engine light also 3 horizontal lines. I was told that on SOME models in the first release, the wrench had to be reset by the dealer as the method wouldn't work. From memory every 10k miles for the cabin filter and every 30k miles for the air filter. The Smart Fortwo spanner / wrench warning light flashes indicating a service is due or has already passed. rjhankinsd8b4b3 on . Happily came down through gears to D6, … For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I have the flashing wrench on my dash, with a "-11" on the display. Switch off the ignition within 10 seconds. This is what I call service A with a twist. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. A flashing wrench has appeared in my 2012 Volkswagen Passat where the gear selected is indicated (i.e. Dealer seems flummoxed put politely. I have a D light flashing and two wrenches with the wrench in the background flashing. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I had put it in full manual and showed 5th gear even though I was going 35 mph. Flashing d fix on 2013 smart - Answered by a verified Mercedes Mechanic. You should hear the transmission clunking a bit. 5/8/2015; update. At every 60k miles one should also change the poly v belt(s). I have a constant double flashing wrench and the transmission symbol either N, D or R also constantly flashing. Mercedes interval is 10k miles or one year. I have tried the wrench reset, (below) with no luck. Is there any way to know WHAT service I'm being alerted to do? After I hung up the phone I went to my car and the left low beam bulb had blown Trouble Shooting Blinking Wrench Lets go over the causes and possible fixes for each. How to Reset Service Wrench Icon Light Smart Car fortwo: Turn ignition to ON position. Note: the LightRaise product line is discontinued so replacement parts may be limited however we offer customer support for it until July 1, 2018. What does it mean? General Diagnosis. Has just over 39000 on it. So I'm delaying it, maybe till 10 000 km - can't wait till 15,000 km as the wrench is annoying ! $88 - $111 Learn More. There's no need for panic, it's simply the car's way of telling you it wants to go to the garage for it's regular maintenance. JavaScript is disabled. One or two wrench-shaped symbols will display on the dashboard instrument panel, including a message that reads “A,†“B,†or “C,†indicating what service package is needed. 451 Trip Computer If you have the trip computer instead of the … I have a strange problem and I'm hoping someone may be able to give me some advise. Depending on your version of Fortwo, the message ‘Next Service Due in XXX Km’ or ‘Service Due XXX Days Ago’ will display. It shows the D blinking too. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, troubleshooting, economy, maintenance, and more! Oops, just verified with the maintenance booklet, it's every 20k miles for the engine air filter, not 30k like I thought. ... Common 2013 Smart Fortwo problems; Car Maintenance Schedule; Find 2013 Smart Fortwo recalls; 2013 Smart Fortwo owner reviews; Research a car. No it just happened - Answered by a verified Mercedes Mechanic. Turn key to 1, (wait for 10,000 to appear indicating it has been reset) let go of tab ... 1 wrench solid 1 flashing and gear indicator flashing car seems slugish but still runs and drives fine. I DO have a flashing wrench. What A blinking D or Flashing Drive light Means The Flat Rate Mechanic Recommended for you 3:00 SMART FORTWO Oil Light Reset. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, troubleshooting, economy, maintenance, and more! One spanner indicates … The car seems and feels to be driving as normal. yes, i even tried it on manual shift and the numbers kept flashing. If it were the double wrench I'd head in for 30,000 mile service. Thank you It blinks, I've tried checking the oil in the transmission and the fuse. Any ideas and is it safe to leave it shorterm as the car seems fine. I have found I have to unplug my scan gauge or the reset is real iffy. What does it mean? Can anyone explain what this means and how to stop it flashing? Followers 0. DN etc. Two important steps to add to the list above. Is this more than just the resetting of the maintenance and could be computer related? 1 post in this topic. The car seems to drive fine, all gears select in auto and manual. Recently joined The Club and have had a ForTwo Coupe Pulse mhd Softouch Auto (2010) for 3 weeks. So it's in sync with the mileage. Sign in to reply. 2009 Smart Fortwo, wrench light came on dash. Press the left side TRIP button on the left side of the speedometer twice within the first 4 seconds. Count 5 seconds, start the car while still pushing the wrench button and then push the min button on your clock. Also Eco drive had mysteriously switched itself off and took a while to kick in when switched back on. There are a lot of potential causes, with a vehicle speed sensor problem being one of the most common. Car seems fine. The flashing gear indicator means that the gearbox ECU requires updating although, the car can usually be driven with no problems. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?

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