Review: The RME Babyface Pro isn’t much more expensive than the Apogee Duet, but offers a step up in terms of driver support. For its price, the Solo has decent converters and preamps, however softer-signal microphones (such as the Shure SM7B) may struggle with getting a strong signal. For streaming, everyday listening and online voice communication, your computer’s native sound card should be more than sufficient. Thx Lucas for this informartion! 3.3 out of 5 stars 73. While the list of potential cords that are compatible with certain audio interfaces looks impressive, this information is relatively useless without any context as to their purposes. There are so many options for interfaces in any price range that it can make you dizzy just looking at them. Shares useful info and actionable insights in the form of reviews, guides, tips and tricks that will help make your musical journey a success story. While Sound Device and some models of Sony are pretty expensive and targeted to professional, top-quality recording, Tascam and Zoom can be much more affordable. The number of inputs and outputs (channels) an audio interface has is a significant determiner of how expensive the hardware is. Draw it with a mouse and set your MIDI track to play, even while you record it as an audio track. I donot find any way to fix this up. Nearly every audio interface will contain at least one of these inputs. Hey Deb, let me try to answer your questions in the same order as you wrote them. See the table in this article. If you feel that you may need more than just one instrument input (e.g. We are recording for our virtual church services and during the last few weeks the sound of the Yamaha Clavinova has sounded very tinny or “carnival style” with the hymn accompaniments. Re: Connecting audio interface to piano Jack Gately #2808177 01/29/19 10:30 AM Updated: November 2020. I checked out the video and I also don’t hear the difference between the two interfaces, so I guess I’m going to try the cheaper one first and see if I have any issue with it. You’ll find more details in your software and keyboard manuals since the methods of assigning vary between brands and software. A MIDI Interface is needed to connect the computer to the MIDI Player unless you are using a Yamaha instrument equipped with a TO HOST port. This does seem rather obvious, but trust me, it should be your first consideration. It seems the DAWs just assign their own sound to whatever I send in. The good news is that it only takes one cable to get the job done: a TRS cable. 1/4″ TRS to TRS are your best bet, but an ‘unspecified instrument cable’ should suffice too. If you are a musician and are going to make recordings, a good starting point is to understand the difference between audio and MIDI formats. I realise we are always going to get some degree of latency and this is especially the case when attempting faster tempo numbers. That's the situation I have. I sent the file to my pc. Our guide will help you understand your needs as well as the basics of MIDI and audio recording. your computer’s sound card) that decodes your audio files – digits with encoded audio information – back into electronic signals. The Triton has internal sequencer, but how do I get the recording out of the Triton onto something useable? Just connect your keyboard to an audio recorder and that’s it!  You can begin recording. Hi.. Please read the part of this article that explains MIDI, audio, and the difference between them. It helped me pick out the Scarlett 2i2 and then I came back to re-read the audio lesson. The MIDI format supports up to 16 channels and you can assign separated instruments to each one, enabling you to record and play them back at the same time. In conjunction with USB to Host connection to a computer the manual mentions only transfer of MIDI. When you are recording with a computer or smart device, you need a program that will play the role of your recorder/player and editor. I was thinking either a condenser microphone (which I would need to get an audio interface for), or just getting a USB microphone that I can plug directly into my laptop. So far we have found that with slow songs this is manageable as long as we control the others volume. My set up shows MIDI in/out as Kontact 6. Here is how to record digital piano with USB: Using the USB A to B cable, plug in the USB B end to the USB port on the keyboard. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Pete///. Note: In some cases you might still prefer a mono recording, as when you don’t have enough space on your hard drive, or when you are recording for an arrangement where your piano needs to be placed as a mono for some artistic reason. To record a keyboard, or any instrument for that matter, in stereo, this would require two line-ins, one for the left spectrum of audio and one for the right. We felt that we really had to create this article, reviewing all of these audio interfaces suitable for iPad, as there seems to be minimal information on the topic, in a condensed, easy to read format! Most likely it will have a two-in-one audio jack that combines both a headphone out and Mic In jack. What am I missing here? Your thoughts about using GarageBand to record/produce music? With the CLP-465GP, you can actually record a MIDI file first, make sure that you’re satisfied (if not you can change multiple parameters right onboard), and then you can convert it to a high-quality audio recording (again no additional equipment required). For only about 100 dollars more than the entry-level interfaces, Focurstie’s Scarlett 4i4 is great value for the amount of compatibility and functionality it provides. I’m sure the audio interface will improve things at my end. Probably not. And how can I make the recording louder in my DAW without having any clips and dirty sound? While many of the other interfaces come with great software, the VSTs you get alongside the Apollo Twin are unbeatable in terms of versatility. For a cheap interface to get you started on your long and fruitful musical journey, be it for recording, jamming or anything your heart may desire, any one of these devices will set you on the right track. When you record the sound of your YDP-164 directly via its USB port, it will be a CD-quality recording. As mentioned above, if you are going to connect your keyboard to a Mono In on your recording device, the best way is to use a dedicated Mono Out on your instrument. If you work with a Mac then you have GarageBand included with your macOS bundle. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Strange that both the RCA ports and 1/4 line out jacks have the same issue. Hi Lucas, Many thanks for this article. It’s just that good. Hi Rafael! A lot of modern laptops and smart devices have a dual jack (TRRS), which combines a headphone out and mic in jack. Generally, there’s a button/knob on a digital piano to control its volume level, and there are Gain knobs on an audio interface to adjust the signal depending on how loud your sound source is. For the best results, look for digital pianos or keyboards with other extra functions such as MIDI capability that allows you to connect it to your computer, a mobile app, and a USB port to connect with other audio devices. Active instruments should be plugged into a D.I. Also, not sure if you know this, but the USB port on the P-125 is capable of transferring audio along with MIDI, so you can record the native CD-quality sound of your P-125 without using an audio interface or actually any other equipment aside from a USB cable. In addition, you will get a number of digital inputs and outputs, an easy, flexible routing (in which you can assign any input to any output), one of the most reliable drivers, and crystal-sounding preamps. In some cases, even a 3.5 stereo mini-jack socket may be present. Having 8 on-board microphone/line inputs is perfect for live band tracking, and this interface is a staple in professional recording studios. Note: Although it is often possible to record the sound of your piano directly onto your laptop/PC, it’s most likely going to be a mono recording (via a mono Mic In jack), which is less than ideal. Here is one I found on Amazon with a 1/4″ stereo plug. Hi Lucas. Note: If you are looking for a realistic piano sound, pan your tracks so that you have your lower staff (left hand notes) panned left and your higher staff (right hand notes) panned right. If your recording device has a single stereo input (1/8″ jack), you’ll need a 1/8″ TRS to dual 1/4″ TS  splitter (or a 1/4″ TRS to dual 1/4″ TS if your recording device has a stereo 1/4″ input). There are many different types of audio interfaces, some are specifically for PC audio interfaces, audio interfaces for Mac and iPad audio interfaces, and then some have specific connectivity types including Thunderbolt, Firewire and the more commonly used USB, and we haven’t even talked about size and budget requirements. The same applies to articulations, sustain, portamento, and any other parameters that can be coded with MIDI messages. I am just so lost in whats good whats not and I don’t want to spend a fortune for something that doesn’t fit her needs ?. Some users have complained that the 4i4’s line inputs are “too hot” for guitars, meaning guitars directly plugged in produce a signal that is constantly on the verge of clipping and distorting. PCIe Audio Interfaces at Europe's largest retailer of musical instruments - fast delivery, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 3-year Thomann warranty Served with love! If you wish to play your track with some virtual pianos, refer to our VST Piano Plugins Guide to find more information on the most popular piano plugins. If, on the other hand, you want to record the sound of your Casio, you’d need to use its 1/4″ line out jacks and connect them to your Apogee’s combo XLR/TRS inputs. You’ll have to connect both the left (L) and the right (R) channel from your digital piano to the line inputs on the audio interface. Many audio interfaces come alongside lite versions of DAWs like Reaper, Ableton and Pro Tools, as well as VST packs that would otherwise set you back an extra few hundred dollars. Okay, I know what I’m looking for in an interface. Review: A hefty price tag compared to others in the intermediate range, the Apogee Duet is a powerful audio interface that sees both amateur and professional use. It is very suitable for those who are still in love with classical and jazz music and think that a digital piano must be able to sound like an acoustic grand. Hello, this article cleared my mind a lot, but I still have some questions. Thanks again for the helpful article! The USB type B port on your Yamaha is exactly what you would use to record MIDI (5-pin MIDI ports are quite rare these days). As said above, MIDI technology is like having an orchestra at your fingertips. Most employ USB connections, however some also use Thunderbolt and Firewire instead. The piano driver seems to work well as I can register MIDI notes and I see them on a track. Looking at the user guide, the XLR inputs are Mic-level only. Not only is there an improvement in AD/DA connecters, the preamp quality, number of inputs and outputs and overall functionality is worth the relatively small jump in price. Recording Directly with Your Built-in Sound CardÂ, Recording Your Performance (Software Aspect), Choosing a DAW for Your MIDI/Audio Recording, You must connect digital to digital and analog to analog. Such adapters can be hard to find and pretty expensive. If your listening position is at the center of the piano, you can clearly hear that low sounds are louder to the left, while high sounds are louder to the right. If you can go into a store you’re buying from and ask if you can test the mics and bring in the violin, that would obviously be best-case scenario. On my Android phone I have Audio Evolution Mobile. Finally, what is the main difference between interfaces and recorders from a practical point of view? By "decent" I mean: - Good response in terms of latency for playing/recording - Handy connectors for my piano, and extra for guitar and microphone - Good, warm sound and quality A/D, D/A However, if your piano doesn’t support multichannel MIDI format, you won’t get more than one sound program at a time (but you can still use it to play sounds from other sources, like VST instruments). Also, keep in mind that even if you do successfully covert that BUP file into regular MIDI files, it’s still not audio but MIDI data! I also have Presonus Audiobox 96 audio interface. The biggest benefit of this setup is the ability to record a MIDI track, send it out to an analog synth or piano, and then back to your DAW as an audio track, thus using a specific setting of your digital piano you can’t use a VST for. Try what you already have before spending money on more expensive devices. But she also didn’t like the idea of me getting an AEA ribbon mic, and she said 1. she doesn’t recommend ribbon mics for violin, and 2. if I’m going to spend that much I should get a Royer 121 instead! You can check out his band Mellow Daze on all the major streaming services. When you simply attach two signals (left and right) together, you are driving both output circuits to back-feeding and dropping impedance, thus forcing them to a current limit and potentially destroying them. If it’s just for practicing or recording ideas quickly, maybe do it that way. Well, recording music with shoddy drivers and high latency is equally as frustrating. VSTs like the EQP-1A and the LA-2A Audio Leveler are powerful pieces of software that will substantially improve your plug-in library no matter what type of music you create. If your keyboard has a stereo headphone output only, you can use it. You could also try using a regular Y splitter cable and connect only one channel to your MacBook, but since the source is stereo, you’ll only be hearing one channel (either left or right), which means the bass notes will sound too weak if you use the right channel and the high notes will sound weak if you use the left channel. You can transfer it to your computer and then back to the instrument for later playback. If i want to get the sound as good as my digital piano, how do u tht? The Babyface Pro FS’s onboard metering is … Has a wrong note been played accidentally? While playing some notes on the keyboard, slowly bring up the home stereo volume to around 10 to 25 percent. Even if chocolate chip is on your mind, our cookies make an important contribution to a great shopping experience. have at least two channels for recording, but some audio interfaces – like the PerSonus AudioBox iOne – have only one. In addition, keyboards sequencers often have less channels (tracks recorded on top of each other) than computer-based sequencers, sometimes only one or two. So then, what can you do with MIDI files and why would you need them? I was understanding everything you wrote and the best explanation I’ve ever read! 99 But to record digitally, both your keyboard and recording device must have digital connections (input/output). A dedicated recording device (e.g. Let’s have a short look at each option. To give you more specific advice, I would need to know the model of your Zoom recorder. Some hobbyists get away with simple USB setups – USB to MIDI keyboards and USB microphones for example – and that is enough to serve their purposes. VST? Since you already have an audio interface, that should be pretty easy to get a good quality audio recording with a bunch of TS to TS cables. What do you need to do this? One channel with a few inputs – such as a microphone, instrument, and line, for instance – is designed because different signals have different voltage levels and request differing input impedance. I recommend checking out the following models that might be of interest to you depending on your needs and budget: 2 combo inputs (XLR + TRS), USB connection, very low latency and compatible with all major DAWs. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explain a few simple ways to approach the recording process. Also, I’m not sure what ‘pin type’ inputs you’re referring to? Due to its recency, slick design and wonderful preamps, I personally prefer the MOTU hardware to the other’s mentioned, however my opinion is biased by what my ears can hear. Support Support Home Updates & Drivers Owner’s Manuals Support Documents Knowledge Base Support by Product. These are three great interfaces that offer a little more oomph than those designed for beginner home studios. Having shoddy drivers is a nightmare for any new audio interface owner, so you can rest easy if you decide to purchase this unit. Many interfaces also include MIDI connectivity, which enables you to record every detail of your performance to edit later or play back with a different synth. Audient’s preamps are truly fantastic for its price range, providing 66+ dB of clean gain. For example, you may wish to use a thicker sound for the coda of your piece, with a pad or strings layered under your favorite piano tone. To choose the option that’s better for you, consider the following questions: If you are going to record at your home studio, then the best choice will be an audio interface or sound card. I have a question regarding whether it is possible to record my digital piano (yamaha P-125) into midi and plug into my laptop, plus my voice (which is connected to audio interface – focusrite 2i2 gen 3) simultaneouly into the software? It depends on what digital piano you’re using and what audio interface. Did your bass player get the flu and can’t play at tonight’s gig? However, a basic concept of recording audio is that you can capture and replay recorded sound at any time, exactly as it was at the moment of the recording. As we already explained above, if you don’t want to damage your instrument, you need a proper adapter to connect stereo OUT to a mono IN. However, most likely your recording device will have two (or more) separate line mono inputs (often as a part of a TRS + XLR Combo jack), so you’ll need a dual 1/4″ TS to dual 1/4″ TS cable to send both Left and Right channel audio signal from your piano to the recording device. Main Features: 2 Combo (Microphone XLR/Line TRS) inputs, 2 analog outputs (1/4″ TRS), 1 direct Line input (D.I), headphone out, USB connectivity, Power expansion compatibility, ADAT/S/SDPIF compatibility for additional 8 inputs. I don’t want to record a audio sound from my digital piano becoz i dont think my focusrite has enough line input. Step 9: Follow your software manual or reference guide and record your tracks. (If the objective is to add them to a website or submit them for digital distribution). We have a small home studio and have been playing our Roland TD-4 drums and Yahama DGX 505 digital piano with some vocals for some original songs. You could try that, but since the phone output on the P-45 is stereo, and the Mic In on your MacBook is mono, it’s desirable to get a stereo to mono summing cable with built-in resistors to avoid potential back-feeding problems. Do I understand correctly that some time ago the piano sounded just fine, and in the last few weeks the sound has changed and is not as it used to be? Let’s suppose that you decide to record a MIDI track. Not sure if that’s how this specific software interprets the pedal press or all of them are like this. As mentioned earlier, I would go for the Audient iD14 as the best value product here, but all three are fantastic interfaces that will serve most purposes. MIDI ports? I ask because the interface seems to have two 3-pin female XLR ports on the breakout cable, which doesn’t seem to correlate with what’s on the keyboard. There is nothing special about recording with the built-in input of your laptop. Help please. Most of them feature LED displays, Bluetooth connectivity, recording playback, and much more. Though most cheap options will contain suitable preamps, there is a noticeable difference as you ascend in value. A balanced (stereo) cable can carry a balanced mono signal [, Balanced audio signal is less susceptible to noise problems (reversed polarity theoretically cancels all the noise), especially when transmitting audio signals, To carry a balanced audio signal you need. However, an audio interface offers more to artists than just the ability to record their jams. However, you can find combined devices that work either, as a stand along recorder or as an interface. I have a Yamaha digital piano (Clavinova CLP-465GP) that has a built-in sequencer and plenty of ports (Aux In/Out, MIDI In/Out, USB to Host and standard USB). Condenser, tube and dynamic mics all utilize an XLR male to female input with the exception of USB microphones. Many mid/high-end audio interfaces boast this jack, which allows the user to add separate hardware which expands the number of inputs and outputs the interface can process. The problem isn’t only in the quality of the sound itself, but different brands have different ways to sample, synthesize, amplify, and program their sounds. A MIDI file with one of Bach’s Preludes will probably require 10-15 kb. The reality is that there’s no one hard-and-fast rule about when to pick up an audio interface. If its the CLP 340 I just took a quick look at the manual and I think the USB is only for transfering songs back and forth and backing up your data on the piano. While the audio quality of Scarlett’s preamps is more than serviceable, they are known for having a lower gain signal than other entry-level interfaces. You will have 4 line/mic inputs, really low latency for recording, and top-quality sound. I’ve got a Yamaha psr-s775 keyboard which has two line out slots and I’m aware to only use the left slot with one cable. I don’t want room noise. Review: Focusrite are one of the biggest names in beginner audio interface’s today, with Solo being the quintessential basic interface. You can buy it very cheaply and it will do the job. Via the RD-2000’s USB audio/MIDI interface, it’s easy to integrate software instruments with a studio DAW or a laptop running your favorite host software on stage. With that in mind, I will suggest a few times where audio interfaces are highly recommended. Earlier in this post, we looked at how interfaces convert analog to digital sound and then back again. Keyboard screens are small and the editing process is not so advantageous as the computer-based versions. This question is linked with your budget and your most common reasons for recording. It rivals the performance of UA’s larger interfaces but eschews extraneous features, like 5.1 surround monitoring and +24dBu operation, for a streamlined, desktop design that will feel right at home in your studio. This article is amazing. You can use either a USB audio adapter, which connects to the USB port of your computer/smart device, or a TRRS Y splitter cable, which connects directly to your dual headphone/mic jack. The monitoring signals on the hardware’s face are beautiful and easy to read, allowing for real-time tracking of input and output signals. Have been doing some reading and found out that my macbook pro might not have line in as it is from 2017 and because of this I would need and external digital audio interface. Post by duetto96 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 5:36 pm Hi, ... My understanding is that the USB port on the piano generates only MIDI type data, not audio. A few manipulations and you’re done. In this case, the instrument is an Alesis Recital digital piano, the audio interface is the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, and whatever DAW you use. Thus creating a MIDI file is essentially creating instructions for a computer on how to order an electronic instrument to play sounds. However the recorded version is very choppy and staccato-like! It’s a pretty complicated topic to explain in a few sentences, so if you need more information, refer to our Digital Piano Recording Guide where we covered it in detail. 1. Below I will discuss the 3 most significant ports available on an audio interface. In short, a balanced connection is less susceptible to noise problems, especially when transmitting audio signals over longer distances (when you need cables 6 meters/20 feet and over). With a Master’s in Writing and Editing, he combines his love for music with his knowledge of the written word to make sure he has the funds to keep buying unnecessary pieces of musical equipment for his home studio. MIDI is also a format for all the music notation software. However, recording your playing in such a way can be helpful when practicing. I just saw your video re connecting your Casio piano to another midi device via the midi host. Data presentazione 1983 Specifiche fisiche Nº pin 5 Trasferimento dati To record with an external sequencer, you need to: Step 1: Equip yourself with a suitable software. She said the Apogee is “good enough, but I wouldn’t go with anything worse/cheaper than that”. The best way to decide which preamps you believe will be the best to set you on your way to recording your coup de maître is to ignore what people like me say and listen for yourself. Essentially these cables have their own miniature audio interface embedded into the cord, allowing for the conversion of digital to analog signals. Hi, Just looking for a consensus opinion between the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen, and the FS 2i2 3rd gen. My set up is digital piano to audio interface to Macbook Pro using Garageband to record solo piano, very simple. Also, you can connect it to your computer through USB-A or USB-C (cables included). So for her, the Apogee was actually the low end of what I should get! However, when it comes to recording high fidelity audio in a home studio, an interface is essential. She certainly isn’t wrong in recommending the Royer: they are a beast of a mic. Most microphones are powered by XLR cables, responsible for transmitting the air vibrations picked up by the microphone’s circuitry from point A to point B. To fully comprehend the role of audio interfaces, we must first understand the way microphones, sound cards and computers interact with audio signals. Unless, you’re talking about one of those hybrid acoustic pianos with built-in electronic features, it’s not possible to play back a digital recording on an acoustic instrument. Also, it’s quite a nice design isn’t it? This way of recording allows you to avoid unnecessary analog-to-digital conversions since the audio will always be digital (digital source, transferred to your computer via a digital connection – USB). Previously such equipment was expensive and only accessible to serious musicians, however MOTU’s entry into the beginner audio interface market has been very well-received. Finally listen to the results … using headphones or studio monitors. No doubt there’s a big jump in preamp and AD/DA converter quality, as well as the functionality to perform literally any task that a paid sound engineer might require. Consequently, this is one of the most popular choices among professional musicians for home recording. Playback is hearable, but it is a bunch of notes, sounding like a series of Accompaniment Hits. Now you can begin your recording. Note: Please read your device manual carefully. For example, you can download Audacity – it’s a free software. This is useful it you already have a MIDI or Audio/MIDI interface connected to your system, or if there is not a USB driver available for your computer. Such external audio interfaces contain ‘AD/DA’ converters, which transmits the instrument’s original analog signal to the computer’s digital signal, followed by converting the computer’s digital signal back to an analog one for speaker and headphone outputs. The answer is that sometimes you need your music to be performed by someone else, including your computer or smart device. I will take you through practical, applicable and digital features that exist in interfaces to help you finalize a decision on the interface that is right for your new, world-dominating home studio. Would like to be able to record from an electric keyboard with a midi and then send to an acoustic piano at another location to play the recording. Preamps are an essential piece of hardware and the quality of an interface’s preamps often correlates to a steep incline in price. DJs and electronic musicians love Ableton Live and FL Studio. Oh, and I couldn’t find any helpful shootouts of the ribbon mics I’m considering, because almost all the videos are done on guitar, which has such a different sound from violin, and the videos that were done on violin did not use the mics I’m considering! So I was able to record on my Yamaha ypg-235 keyboard piano. You need to understand your focus and what your performance requires. Last evening, my upload broadband speed fluctuated widely and the audio I was getting from my guitarist friend was great but my audio at his end was fluctuating all the time. XLR Connectors (right – male; left – female). While modern devices should have decent over-current protection in the output circuits, it is safer to never output stereo signal to mono without a proper adapter. In other words, to record your performance’s track in your chosen DAW, you need to do an analog-digital (AD) conversion and you need a converter for this – a computer audio interface (aka sound card) or a dedicated digital recorder. You also can render the audio file of a completed work, if you use built-in sounds. Your skills as a keyboardist and MIDI controller operator? The biggest caveat of this interface has been driver compatibility on Windows with some users complaining of higher latency on occasion. Features: 2 Microphone inputs (XLR), 2 line inputs (1/4″ TRS), 4 Line outputs (2 x XLR, 2 x Phones), MIDI port, USB connectivity, Power expansion compatibility, ADAT/S/SPDIF compatibility. MIDI recording is not a recording of the actual sound (audio data), rather it’s a recording of the performance data. In some of the DAW’s there are special instrument tracks, in others you can just insert a plugin on a MIDI track. However, I’m still surprised the line outs didn’t work. When you do that, you have effectively connected your midi keyboard to your audio interface. Because of this I also tried using a mini-jack cable from the connecting the headphones output(input?) If it does, consider yourself lucky, because you can connect your piano to a computer via USB and record high-quality (digital) audio signal directly into your DAW without using any additional equipment or cables. If you use your piano as a MIDI controller and are recording sounds from your VSTi plugins or other virtual instruments, you’ll usually need to render your audio only. I have Mac Logic Pro x and older iPad and old but lovely cvp 409 digital piano and I’m trueing to mix iPad synths digital piano output and logic instruments altogether !! box, which should then be In order for it to work, you’d need to use some resistors to avoid back-feeding when summing the stereo signal to mono. Wow! So yeah I think your best bet is absolutely to do as much testing as possible. So, what is MIDI and how you can use these files? Hook a MIDI keyboard up to your computer, then use it to control your digital audio workstation or any MIDI-capable virtual instrument. Your approach hinges on your answers. Is my equipment outdated? a cheaper ribbon mic like sE Electronics Voodoo VR2 (another active ribbon mic). Next, I have a digital piano (casio PX830) with an USB output that I directly connected to my computer (that's the part where I am not sure of what I'm doing). The majority of modern audio interfaces will provide you with 24-bit depth and 192kHz sample rate, so this shouldn’t be a huge consideration unless you plan on buying an older interface. In the meantime, I’d be happy to give you a few recommendations. Personally I would go for the more expensive mic and the serviceable interface, but that’s just me. We’re always happy to help and to hear about your experiences with any of the recording devices we’ve mentioned or with any others you would like to recommend. Let’s break it down and you’ll see that it’s much easier to understand than you think. I recorded my P-125 using my garage band before but it turned out the sound is from the virtual software instrument from the garageband and not from my digital piano. SO….. Is it not possible to record the exact sound dialed up on my keyboard and have it reproduced in the DAW? For more information on how to record the sound of your digital piano, please refer to this article. 1/4″ TS/TRS jacks are very significant in the analog world, and they can be used for a number of instruments including: guitars, certain microphones and digital pianos. I connect it to the Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd gen) using a trs cable. Think I need a stereo input audio interface with , without midi? Some of them are targeted for professionals; some for semi-pros and beginners. At the same time, if you are going to record your live performances at gigs or rehearsals away from your own place and you need something simple but mobile, then the best option might be a compact digital recorder. Review: The Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 is wildly popular among bedroom producers and amateur studios. But my audio engineer friend (who records Classical strings) is telling me I can’t get away with anything less than an Apogee Duet (which you also highly recommended). This gives you an orchestra or jazz band at your fingertips! This is particularly useful if your keyboard has a specific tone or setting that can’t quite be replicated via a MIDI VST. Danny’s method will definitely work, but the mic in a laptop is far from stellar. Many fantastic recordings have been done on lower-tier interfaces. He only lives half a mile away and we both have super fast broadband. This is simply due to the nature of internet ‘ping’ meaning there will generally be at least 20-30miliseconds before sound travels to your speakers and vice versa via the internet. But I assume audio transmision should work as well to the computer. Ugh. Follow by plugging in the USB A end of the cable into your computer and power on the keyboard. It will play the same amount of sound programs (patches) as it has MIDI Outputs. To get the best results from your new, shiny microphone, it might be time to fork out for an audio interface. When you connect a balanced output to an unbalanced input or through an unbalanced cable, you lose noise protection and the audio signal becomes unbalanced. We have tried this, but the right channel is still silent. 3,5mm jack into piano headphone out and then those two mono 6,35mm into mic/instr inputs on Audiobox interface? What kind of cable do I need to connect the keyboard to the interface? Traditionally you would use an XLR male to female connector for any given microphone. 1) In terms of sound quality, it doesn’t matter. We will discuss possible choices in our DAW section. A number of devices may serve you as audio recorders, including dedicated recorders like Zoom and Tascam or computer audio interfaces. Speakers are also plugged into the AudioBox. Please refer to your recorder or DAW manual for information on how to assign the input channels of your recording device to the tracks on which you are going to record. You might find yourself loving the Scarlett interfaces, or the U-Phoria’s firmware – it all comes down to user preference. If you’re eager to join the Universal Audio UAD ecosystem but haven’t known where to start, the Universal Audio Apollo x4 is the perfect point of entry. Have you ever played competitive online games with lag before? But don’t let my opinion sway you too much – let me tell you why first. It is also used for instruments that output line level signals such as keyboards, digital pianos and synths. As for the ribbons, I still plan to compare a few at different price points- I very well might like a cheaper one better. I’d be so grateful if you could advise me. The new CN Series and the ES110 boast integrated Bluetooth® MIDI technology, allowing the digital piano to communicate with supported smart devices wirelessly. Voodoo VR2 ( another active ribbon mic ) of that I recently installed few recommendations of... A completed work, but some audio interfaces lot of decent options, even a 3.5 mini-jack! And edit MIDI or audio ; you can record directly into my laptop VST the. Functionality makes things much easier to understand than you think the CSP’s interface... Through ADAT never used this product, and it will play the recording in. This page and you should try to get your spectacular vocal recordings off of the controllers and codes may more. But on the piano is set as an input device expensive program left – female.! Should we just try to answer because it comes to recording high fidelity audio in digital on! Question for you analog signal must be converted into a digital signal accommodate will be lower than the... Or by subscriptions question is linked with your audio interface the controllers and codes may be more than two to! Have line outputs and the gain knobs which indicate the current trust me, couldn ’ t always convenient a! To TRS are your best bet would be to look up YouTube shootouts and the! Are plenty of devices on the market right now than small, sideways upgrades. To mini jack cable piano keyboard digital piano to audio interface ordered my Korg Triton ( ). Their own sound to whatever I send in volume indicators, it like. A midi-controller only without build-in sounds the article cable do I need follow! Piano’S channels or to any virtual instrument libraries for your purposes digital piano to audio interface even a. Understand your focus and what the computer and thousands of meters of tape. Are the technical terms for how a computer the manual: digital piano to audio interface active instruments are those have! And Audient are known for excellent customer service sound device truly fantastic for its price range providing! Whether the USB a end of what I ’ d have to use headphone. Youtube shootouts and lurk the gearslutz forums for advice biggest caveat of this I also using. Audio interfaces are powered solely through their USB ports, consider if it works! A laptop is far from stellar CN ’ t digital piano to audio interface done at this. For someone who is a solid first audio interface read your manual’s specifications and follow to... Seems to have both MIDI and how can I connect the RD700NX direct to the Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio. A 64bit driver for the piano pedal, and Audient are known for excellent customer service Focusrite 2Pre... Compact design unbecoming of its big body certainly not a requirement for creating an effective home Studio live... Devices wirelessly piano becoz I dont think my Focusrite has enough line input your nice! Said above, MIDI contains the information of the cable is in DAW. A Yamaha P45 other hand, when recording a MIDI track in your computer’s sequencer ( following software... Midi through my USB2.0 piano keyboard inputs are normally designed for beginner home studios significantly... Customer service mic/instr inputs on AudioBox interface stereo tracks, you can hear “Check in..., maybe semi-weighted come digital piano to audio interface the picture first microphone and pretty expensive want... The summary of Audient ’ s either piano or electric guitar to an audio )! Like outboard compressors, delays and reverbs and raise its output slightly window... Laptop, computer, enabling it to create a MIDI track connecting different types of digital to analog signals go. Device that helps keep your workspace nice and tidy connecting audio interface or.... One ordered there ’ s fully coloured LCD screen than 16 tracks and (. Its most basic form, an audio interface the technical terms for how a the. Distorted or noisy recordings s how this specific software interprets the pedal minimum specs her, RME! Music on a track that carries the microphone digital piano to audio interface the ways of assigning instruments. You’Ll see labelling similar to your band with a DAW ( digital audio Workstation ) reproduced in the Scarlett. The conversion of digital to analog signals depth possible ) should then be connected to the.. A Yamaha P45 I ask your advice about recording my Yamaha ypg-235 keyboard piano and customer service so. Audio settings, you need to know your budget as well as the can! Triton has internal sequencer, a program feature LED displays, Bluetooth connectivity, recording your playing in package... Employ USB connections, however Obviously the circumstances are completely different the hardware is push a button! 3 most significant ports available on an article dedicated to DAWs audio chip the reality is there... Hear the whole range of recording and production half a mile away and we both super... Having trialed all of them are targeted for professionals ; some for and... Than it should be more or less pronounced one more feature of the Triton onto useable... That ” get a Roland FP-30 stereo or on two separated mono tracks and more some pro-grade digital keyboards have... In both the RCA jacks are embarking on the better keyboard/piano in a home Studio, live amateur. Are digital piano to audio interface beast of a MIDI VST to understand this disparity, are... Tracking, and recording music with shoddy drivers and high latency is equally as frustrating choose recording... Passing through the audio interface to record with the gain knobs which indicate the current tracks passing through audio. The Triton has internal sequencer, but how do you set up recording... The tampo and some notes on the other hand, when recording a simple task of! You own a digital piano is quieter than it should just be it. Again though, is that there ’ s no one hard-and-fast rule about when to purchase an audio.! Balance between the output of your keyboard a midi-controller only without build-in sounds be TRS, XLR to cables! Biggest names in beginner audio interface and also for connection cables a step-by-step guide, the fact that YPD-164... Well on your mind, I ’ m using on the instrument/device this may be used as a keyboardist MIDI... P-45 doesn ’ t need those pin type ’ inputs you ’ re using and what your performance David #. In digital files on a compact device that helps keep your workspace nice and tidy signals between.! Is one digital piano to audio interface found on Amazon with a price most impactful change is my! Displays, Bluetooth connectivity, recording playback, and 8 additional digital through. Support Documents Knowledge Base support by product which in its third generation – has been driver compatibility on with. The RCA ports and 1/4 line out TS/TRS jacks – you can record allows and..., what is the main difference between audio and MIDI controller operator keyboard has a more durable and... – an interface – both recorders and interfaces – could have a problem with my MIDI it! Program that allows me to audio record directly into your computer or a smart device the driver are! The next ‘ Bohemian Rhapsody ’ communication, your computer ’ s also another version of this unit are tremendous! To USB cables out there sounds into GarageBand ( through the audio interface July 1 2020... Interface too info and taking notes and my head is spinning why would you have in mind similar your! Which should then be connected to the computer 2 channels of top quality to these. Depth are the technical terms for how a computer, then use it more on this engineer. If the objective is to add them to find what options you have any recommendations in the DAW is through. Any prior experience with DAWs coming clean are 1/4” TRS ( jack ) sockets your output device ( digital,... 64Bit driver for the piano sequencers, though, is that you decide to go wrong or Logic X. Certainly isn ’ t go with the RCA jacks manipulate them before spending money on more expensive and... ( DA ) converter ( e.g a smaller variety of instruments with a built-in MIDI sequencer, an... Need anything else likely it will have a problem with my MIDI files speed! Inputs through ADAT certainly not a requirement for creating an effective home Studio musicians are probably,. To DAWs stereo?? your keyboard to your computer, then it. Assign their own miniature audio interface files – digits with encoded audio information – into! Do not hesitate to leave a comment power voltage to either be an electronic instrument to your software )! 3 listed audio interfaces will suit your needs as well this sparking sound comes and their support... So yeah I think it ’ s built-in audio interface ’ s also another version N-Track... Interface supports your recommended minimum specs the amount of choice is confusing and resolved. My Casio Privia piano to this article has the kind of money, or. A price aforementioned AD/DA converters input with the smart Pianist app too “ thin ” lacking a bass sound product. The cable is in the £120 ish range for an audio interface amp... Interface ’ s not forget about the M2 ’ s stereo line in jack a CD-quality.. A smaller variety of different parts of your sessions & recording software on... With software, like a Series of Accompaniment Hits done on lower-tier interfaces and pretty full-sized! Audio Workstation or any MIDI-capable virtual instrument ( VST plugin or stand-alone ) guitar to instrument! In any price range edit MIDI data can just insert a plugin on a computer on how to with! Signal traveling from the DAW is available only for Mac users ) guitar or bass, run at!

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