Velia Villagers. 4 x icon Тесто из кукурузной муки The recipe for the Essence of Liquor shows 2x Essence of Liquor as a product. - Energizing Cron Meal: Use Simple Cooking in the Processing window (L) to combine Serendia Meal x3, Special Drieghanese Meal x1, Mediah Meal x3, Ancient Cron Spice x1. Lara. wounder if there is similar guide for cooking Serendia Meal. In BDO, Knowledge is a measure of how much questing, hunting, and overall game experience your characters ... Knight Combat Rations x1 + Mediah Meal x3 + Valencia Meal x3 + Ancient Cron Spice x1 OR Special Drieghanese Meal x1 + Serendia Meal x3 + Mediah Meal x3 + Ancient Cron Spice x1: Special Drieghanese Meal: Knowledge Gain Chance +5% 4 x icon Тесто из кукурузной муки Мы обнаружели старый аккаунт с таким же мылом. For example, to craft the 2x Fruit Wine you need 3x Essence of Liquor. - Description: A dish of teff bread topped with stew and meat chunks. Beasts (Serendia) 26, 24-26. Extra AP against Monsters +13, Attack Speed +2, Casting Speed +2, Critical Hit +2, Chance to Gain Knowledge +5%, Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +2%, Weight Limit +100 LT, and Down Attack Damage +5% for 120 min, All AP +8, All Accuracy +15, Movement Speed +2, Critical Hit +2, All Evasion +15, Max HP +150, All Resistance +4%, Ignore All Resistance +4% for 120 min, Guru imperial cuisine box sold to imperial crafting delivery. ... Real good and detailed. Melissa Brady. 6 x icon Улей диких пчел It is the home of a kingdom under Lord Crucio with seat in Heidel City that is currently subjected to the Republic of Calpheon.The territory shares borders with Balenos to the north, Mediah to the east, Drieghan to the south and Calpheon to the west through the Neutral Zone, making it landlocked.. А вот так вижу на сайте DAE. Elixir of Sharp Detection for Critical Hit Damage +15%; Giant’s draught is much better than beast’s draught due to the all special attack +10%. Central Guard Camp A watch camp stationed in the center of Serendia. Serendia is great if you are doing something action related, raising AP, Accuracy, and Critical Rate, whereas the Balenos Meal is good for anything like moving, speed, fishing, and gathering. Serendia Merchant. Economy I. Выглядит не оч, Вот скрин, как это у меня смотрится. Exquisite Cron Meal All AP +8, All Accuracy +15, Movement Speed +2, Critical Hit +2, All Evasion +15, Max HP +150, All Resistance +4%, Ignore All Resistance +4% for 120 min 3 Serendia Meal 1 Special Arehaza Meal 3 Kamasylvia Meal 1 Ancient Cron Spice BDO SA Community. Reply. Serendia is one of the main territories in Black Desert. 635. ID: 170: Serendia Meal: Recipe Cooking Skill level: Skilled 6 EXP: 1'600 – Crafting Materials - Ham Sandwich - Meat Pie - Honeycomb Cookie. Спасибо за подсказку. Energizing Cron Meal: 1 Special Drieghanese Meal: 3 Serendia Meal: 3 Mediah Meal: 1 Ancient Cron Spice: Serendia Meal: 1 Ham Sandwich: 1 Meat Pie: 1 Honeycomb Cookie: 2 Boiled Bird Eggs: 2 Fruit Wine; Recipes Shown: 2 Show ALL В данном рецепте указано два раза кол-во ингредиентов "Рецепт: Медовое печенье" и Иконки перепутаны цвета перепутаны. If you’re looking for survivability, we kind of lack that. Luciano Pietro. Same thing goes for all other ingredients.

72 comments. Special Drieghanese Meal x18. 44, 2-6. 34, 39-41.
- Description: Food supply for troops in battle. Serendia Meal x21. But people here seem really anxious about the danger represented by the increasingly powerful Fogans and the group occupying the Shrine. In BDO, support type classes aren’t really a thing, though we do have important buffs for group PvP. The above map presents the way to perform your first steps in this sprawling world. The Beehive-Cookie ingredient are wrong you need a different recipe. 2 x icon Яйцо Цвета поправил, а вот на счёт количества я материалов я не понял. That's weird. I guess they changed the name. Cooking Ingredients: Ham Sandwich x1 + Honeycomb Cookie x1 + Fruit Wine x2 + Boiled Bird Eggs x2 + Meat Pie x1 The pinnacle of Serendian cuisine that … Balenos Meal x24. 6 x icon Улей диких пчел It is here that you start your adventure and learn the basics on moving around the map or hunting grounds. BDO annuncia i risultati finanziari 2020: +7,8% a livello globale Ricavi in crescita: 10,3 miliardi di dollari, +3,3% nell’organico, in linea con +12% in Italia Guards of Serendia. Рецепт: Медовое печенье Особый обед должен быть оранжевый, просто обед желтым. 4 x icon Молоко. 2 x icon Яйцо I have Elk already and the guide I was following for gaining knowledge said there was elk and big-horned deer and I'm still missing one so I assumed it was that. В описание про медовое печенье продублировано дважды: 1 x icon Медовое печенье If the rare proc isnt blue/gold, then it will not count for more than the regular. Hard-Boiled Shellfish x12. Alchemy Cooking Processing Production Material Nodes. How to make BDO Valencia Meal in Black Desert Online: recipe and cooking ingredients - Description: A special spice blend of the old Kingdom of Cron recreated by Nadia Rowen and Emma Bartali after long research. We have high accuracy and damage on skills, but that is mostly because lat… Vangelas. Dulfy 23 Comments Mar 7, 2016. Khalk’s Fermented Wine x12. How to make BDO Serendia Meal in Black Desert Online: recipe and cooking ingredients BDO/ Crafting. Cooking Ingredients: Ham Sandwich x1 + Honeycomb Cookie x1 + Fruit Wine x2 + Boiled Bird Eggs x2 + Meat Pie x1 The pinnacle of Serendian cuisine that … Исправил. Kamasylvia Meal x33 Margoria Seafood Meal x21. Спасибо за сообщение. Witch and Wizard are bursty AoE classes. BDO recipe calculator and information for Mediah Meal. Southern Guard Camp This camp was built to protect travelers and adventurers from threats in Southern Serendia. Они там и указаны. Black Desert Making Milk Tea and Sute Tea Guide. That's why the breakdown shows you double amount of ingredients. The above map presents Serendia. While checked, the ingredient value is taxed (what you could sell it for). Skip both Margoria Seafood Meal and Butter-Roasted Lobster as it is more profitable to turn Lobster into glues. Теперь понятно. BDO SEA Community. Calpheon Meal x18. На чистый алкоголь нужно по 1штучке указанных игнров. Guru's Cooking Box. BDO. > There is a slight chance of obtaining Serendia Special when making Serendia Meal if your cooking level is Artisan 1 or up.

> You can produce this item through Cooking Utensils at your residence if your cooking level is Professional Lv.6 or up. Use Simple Cooking in the processing window (L) to combine Special Arehaza Meal x1, Serendia Meal x3, Kamasylvia Meal x3 and Ancient Cron Spice x1. Рецепт: Медовое печенье These AoEs also make Witch and Wiz strong PvE classes. Artisan 1 is required for a chance to get the 110mi version. Но на сайте у тебя один и тот же продублирован. Serendia Swamp. 31, 38-42. 0 ... 1 Special Drieghanese Meal3 Serendia Meal3 Mediah Meal1 Ancient Cron Spice. The breakdowns for a couple items are incorrect: Essence of Liquor requires 1 of each item, not 2 (1 x Flour ~ 1 x Fruit ~ 1 x Leavening Agent) and Exotic Herbal Wine requires 2 Dough, not 3 (2 x Dough ~ 1 x Essence of Liquor ~ 5 x Mineral Water ~ 2 x Leavening Agent). 2 - Boiled Bird Eggs. Knight Combat Rations x18. 3, 42-57. P.S Тогда во втором надо и указать - Мед, а не Улей диких пчел? In a 1v1, we can excel, but not as easily as other classes. Khalk’s Fermented Wine x12. All AP +5, All Accuracy +10, Critical Hit +1 for 90 min, All AP +5, All Accuracy +10, Critical Hit +1 for 110 min, Weight limit +50LT, fishing speed +1 for 90 min, Fishing Speed +1, Weight Limit +50LT for 110 min, Barley, corn, potato, sweet potato, or wheat, Chicken node secondary ingredient or farmed from chicken feed, Apple, banana, cherry, grape, pear, pineapple, or strawberry, Bear, beef, deer, fox, gazelle, lamb, pork, raccoon, rhino, weasel, or wolf meat, Cabbage, Olive, Paprika, Pumpkin, or Tomato. Witch and Wizard are strong in group fights, where AoEs do a lot of damage, and super armor protects us from incoming hits. Butter-Roasted Lobster x21. Hence you need to craft it at least 2 times to get 3x Essence of Liquor. Mediah Meal x15. * Higher-grade versions of the same food item can be used as a substitute at a 1:3 ratio. Так ингредиенты одни и те же О_о..в чем разница рецептов? Special Arehaza Meal x27. В одном рецепте используется мёд, в другом - улей диких пчёл, Это да, знаю. It has been marked for hunting grounds, areas to make money in and quest areas. Serendia Merchant. The breakdown shows you the number of ingredients required with respect of the product quantity. Медовое печенье можно получить с помощью двух разных рецептов. While unchecked, the ingredient value is full price (what you could buy it for). Serendia Meal x21. 4 x icon Молоко - Exquisite Cron Meal: Use Simple Cooking in the Processing window (L) to combine Serendia Meal x3, Special Arehaza Meal x1, Kamasylvia Meal x3, Ancient Cron Spice x1. 15, 45-46. Valencia Meal x18. x. Caresto Fonti. Some meals could be cooked at Master 1 (Media, Balenos, Calpheon, Serendia, and Knight Combat) but to keep this simple, I am just going to say Master 17. I'm Artisan 4 and for 100% success it is 3 dough. After 5 turns, Interes level will be reduced by 6 for 2 turns. > There is a slight chance of obtaining Serendia Special when making Serendia Meal if your cooking level is Artisan 1 or up. Black Desert People of Serendia Knowledge Guide Dulfy 6 Comments Apr 26, 2016 Black Desert Online People of Serendia Knowledge guide with … Kamasylvia Meal for Back Attack +5%; King of the Jungle Hamburg for Critical Hit Damage +5%; Serendia Meal for AP +5 and Accuracy +10; Elixir of Lethal Assassin for Back Attack Damage +15%. * While this item is in effect the effects of other food items will not be applied, except Health EXP gain. Ах, речь идёт о калькуляторе крафта!

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